Maryla Rodowicz found herself in an extremely difficult position. It is about her luxurious villa

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Maryla Rodowicz faces serious problems.

 Maryla Rodowicz was in an extremely difficult situation. It is about her luxurious villa

As the “Pomponik” website reminds us, Maryla Rodowicz has been present on the Polish music scene for many years. Her performances still attract a large audience, which means that she cannot complain about the earnings. Her and her husband's earnings allowed them to live in the luxury that dripped from their villa. Unfortunately, the raging price tag put the artist in a difficult situation. Due to rising energy prices, it is becoming harder and harder for the singer to sleep soundly. Maryla Rodowicz told about everything in an interview with “Your empire”.

Maryla Rodowicz found herself in a difficult situation

Maryla Rodowicz has not been complaining recently about the lack of problems. Recently, the singer did not appear at a concert organized by TVP on the Vistula Spit. In a statement she posted on the network, she admitted that serious health problems were the reason for her resignation. The singer revealed that she had bronchitis.

Absence during the concert means huge financial losses for the artist and a blow to the home budget. Since the divorce with Andrzej Dłużyński, the artist herself has been maintaining a 100-year-old villa. The court did not grant her alimony from the ex-husband for whom she fought. The increase in electricity and gas prices does not make it any easier.

A few months ago the bills oscillated around PLN 20,000 per month.

Maryla Rodowicz does not hide her terror

“I feel inflation and an increase in my bills. But I have a car in leasing. The monthly fee has increased by about 40 percent! gas, and gas prices increased. Electricity too … “- she said in an interview with” Your empire “.

Maryla Rodowicz does not consider moving out of her luxurious villa. She admitted that her schedule is full and she will try to play as much as possible in order to survive, despite the raging price tag. She added that a dozen or so concerts will play by the end of the year.

What do you think of the whole situation?

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