Maryla Rodowicz honestly about her health. Does the artist have serious problems

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Maryla Rodowicz honestly about her health.

Maryla Rodowicz honestly about her health condition. Does the artist have serious problems

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds, the media from time to time there is information that Maryla Rodowicz has health problems. The artist decided to face these reports and revealed how she actually feels. Do fans of the artist have reasons to be concerned?

Maryla Rodowicz has been on the Polish music scene for years

Maryla Rodowicz enjoys great popularity among successive generations of Poles. Fans are eager to follow not only her artistic activities, but also issues relating to her private life. Some time ago, the artist faced serious problems with her knee joints.

Last year, severe knee pain caused by inflammation once again made itself felt. It turned out that the star had to undergo arthroscopy in both joints. Fans are anxiously receiving further mentions of her health problems, and a whole lot of them appear in the public space.

Rodowicz decided to refer to the rumors about her condition in an interview with “Pomponik”. What did she say?

Maryla Rodowicz about her health

“I'm always asked how I feel, so I answer, I feel the way I look. I think I look good and feel great,” said Maryla Rodowicz. She added that she does not forget about rehabilitation and exercises that she does alone at home. Among other things, a stationary bike helps her return to fitness.

Unfortunately, much less optimistic information appears about the health of the artist's brother – Jerzy Rodowicz, who is struggling with cancer. He suffers from prostate cancer and bowel cancer. In an interview with “Super Express”, Maryla Rodowicz's brother admitted that thanks to his sister and her eldest son, he had the means for treatment.

Have you been relieved by Maryla Rodowicz's message?

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