Maryla Rodowicz opened up about the betrayal of her ex-husband. “My hands were shaking. It was awful”

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Maryla Rodowicz honestly told about her divorce.

Maryla Rodowicz opened up about the betrayal of her ex-husband.

As the portal “Jastrząb Post” reminds, Maryla Rodowicz has divorced Andrzej Duzyński, with whom she has been for 30 years. Although during the trial, the singer spoke about her husband cheating on her, only now she decided to open up about it and tell how she discovered that someone else appeared in her ex-husband's life.

Maryla Rodowicz has been on stage for years

Maryla Rodowicz has been present on the Polish music scene for decades. Her performances still attract new generations of fans of her work. The artist's supporters are eager to follow both what is happening in her artistic and private life. While Rodowicz is doing quite well professionally, Rodowicz has had a very difficult time in his private life.

The divorce from Andrzej Dużyński cost her a lot of emotions. Although initially the couple was supposed to make a settlement, over time they decided to fight. Maryla Rodowicz applied for the alimony court to grant her. Ultimately, the court dismissed this application, finding that the marriage broke up due to the fault of both spouses.

Maryla Rodowicz opened up about her ex-husband's betrayal husband.

She was silent for a long time

Maryla Rodowicz did not return to the topic of ending her marriage for a long time. Already during the separation, she often informed about her husband's betrayal, but only recently decided to tell how she found out that she was being cheated on by her partner.

“When you are in a relationship, you feel that something it's not a halo. I also had such signals, “admitted the artist. Her suspicions began with an inconspicuous exit to the gym. The artist reported that her husband told her that he was going to the gym, to which she said that she would also go and they would meet there. Duzyński did not show up at the gym.

Rodowicz decided to hire a private detective who was to confirm whether Andrzej Duzyński was actually cheating.

“How I got a photo from a detective, I didn't know who to share this terrible information with, this drama. I remember going to my friend, when I showed him these photos, my hands were shaking. It was terrible, “the star confessed.

Do you think the star will ever get over the pain of betrayal?

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