Masha Efrosinina was fascinated by the Network of the touching photo with her son

Masha Efrosinina showed adorable photo with son Sasha. In black and white picture managed to convey so much emotion and happiness that not every color can cover. 40-year-old TV presenter, actress and public figure in his Instagram jokingly began to reflect on the resemblance of mother and child.

Маша Ефросинина очаровала Сеть трогательным фото с сыночком

The star holds the boy in his arms and smiling happily, and the baby gives a happy smile in response.

Sasha was her second child from her marriage to businessman Timur by Chromium. The couple is also raising a daughter Nana, who is 10 years older than her brother.

“My mother claims that the nose of my Sled. Well, in my opinion, it is obvious…” — signed photo Efrosinina.

Netizens admire incredibly delicate frame and also with a kind of irony began to argue about the “relationship” spouts. Subscribers Masha bathe her in compliments and say what, but the smile and the sparkle in the eyes of the boy no doubt from his mother.

  • Masha, a smile and a gleam in his eyes is exactly from you!
  • No, noses are different, your sharp, and he snub!
  • You are so beautiful;
  • What you are wonderful!
  • And smile;
  • Not yours! But both cool!
  • But the smile is certainly yours!
  • Cheekbones, your smile is without a doubt;
  • Nose and a charming smile mom!
  • Without a doubt, the sweet mother’s son.
  • Masha, you’re wonderful!
  • Perfect spouts;
  • He did all yours! The blood!
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