Masha Efrosinina without makeup complained about the extra weight

Masha Efrosinina laments the fact that, missing a few workouts, it again have to start from scratch.

Маша Ефросинина без макияжа пожаловалась на лишний вес

The TV presenter posted in the social network movie, which is embodied in shape in the fitness room. Mary’s hair in a bun, and face absolutely no makeup. She came in for another workout.

“An infection, a month without sports, and all again from scratch. Where does all aaaaahaha?” — complains Masha in the caption under the video.

Workout Masha usually misses, but this month the presenter was resting on one of the Mexican resorts, apparently, this is just due to the fact that she missed a lot of classes. However, judging by the video, not in such a bad shape she is and confident, quick to make up.

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