Masturbated in front of 16-year-old girl: the ex-forward of “Chelsea” was accused of intentional exposure of…

Мастурбировал перед 16-летней девочкой: экс-форварда «Челси» обвинили в умышленном обнажении...

The former striker, “Chelsea”, “Southampton”, and other teams in the Premier League, Neil Shipperly obviously decided the actions to refute the assertion that the best lovers are engineers, intellectuals and artists, and appeared in court, charged with intentional exposure of the genitals.

About it writes TCH with reference to the Dailyl Mirror.

The publication reports that on September 17, 2019 44-year-old Sipperly was driving a white van in West London. Around 17:15 he caught up with the two women, mother and 16-year-old daughter and moved with them at the same pace. Sipperly stopped at a Bicycle shop and rolled down the window.

More adult victim at first thought that the driver ignores them on the other side of the road. But then she turned her head to thank him, and saw that Neal holds hand of the penis looking right at her. A van and a pedestrian slowly moved down the street, at the traffic lights Sipperly again rolled down the window and this time started to masturbate.

Women tried to consider number of the car the pervert, and at this point, Neil has given on gases and has gone towards the railway station. But the former football player just turned the corner, after which the mother minor victim saw that Shipperly again satisfy himself. Ladies came to the police station and wrote a statement on the Nile.

The Prosecutor Charanjit Paradise at the court hearing reported with reference to the recognition of Sipperly that the defendant turned himself in to police a few hours after the incident, apologized to both the victims and said about the problems of a sexual nature. Neil also added that he knew one of the ladies was underage.

Мастурбировал перед 16-летней девочкой: экс-форварда «Челси» обвинили в умышленном обнажении...

At trial the former footballer admitted that he plans to work with the U-15 team, but is now likely to get a ban on the training of children. The final sentence in December 2019.

The newspaper reminds that Shipperly — pupil Chelsea, but up to 21 years of age was held for the “blue” in just 37 games in three seasons. In 1995, Neil was a record purchase of “Southampton” and it cost “Holy” to 1.25 million pounds. At the age of 44 years, Neil Shipperly finished his career in 2007. From 1993 to 1995, he was called to the English team for which he scored three goals in seven games.

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