Matanie wants to be a destination, not just a place of passage

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The Matanie wants to be a destination, not just a place of passage

A new tourism action plan should be unveiled next spring. (Archives)

Gaspésie receives about 800,000 visitors a year, but only one in ten people stop in Matanie. About forty stakeholders from the Matanie's tourism sector came together to develop a new action plan for the region and change this trend.

Moreover, these visitors only stay one or two nights in the region, according to the director of tourism development at Développement économique Matanie, Valérie Landry-Cayouette.

Tourist stakeholders want to extend these stays and ensure that Matane and the surrounding area become a destination and not just a place of passage.

If we don't do this collective exercise in strategic thinking , everyone will take their own direction in their activities, then we won't have a correlation from the whole industry and we won't have any mobilization in our sector, explains Valérie Landry-Cayouette.

Valérie Landry-Cayouette, Director of Tourism Development at Economic Development Matanie

Hunting, fishing and snowmobiling activities have long attracted tourists to Matanie. Gourmet circuits and new outdoor activities are also developing more and more.

According to Valérie Landry-Cayouette, the challenge for Matanie is to structure the many offers.

We can't get by, we have lots of small activities that are not necessarily grouped together together to sell and market themselves. We have this interest, in working together, to offer visitors a complete tourist product, she says.

From left to right: Sonia Lavoie, owner of Bruine Océane Inn, Annie Joncas, General Manager of the Corporation of management of Matane, and Guillaume Lelièvre St-Pierre, co-owner of Destination haute-mer.

Annie Joncas, General Manager of the Matane Tourism Management Corporation, would like to see the for example, a tourism tool that all stakeholders could use.

We need a common tool, which all companies could use and through which the industry tourist could find their way there, she says.

The tourism action plan must be presented next spring. This shared vision will be in place for the next five years.

Based on a report by Jean-François Deschênes

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