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Mathis Jouanneau case: 10 years after the disappearance of the little boy, this new track which turns the investigation upside down

Mathes Jouanneau case: 10 years after the disappearance of the little boy, this new track that is upsetting the investigation

Mathis Jouanneau disappeared 10 years ago near Caen. Call for witnesses, an M6 program broadcast a new number dedicated to this case. This relaunched the investigation and a new lead was found.

This case may mean something to you! On September 4, 2011, near Caen, a little boy named Mathis Jouanneau disappeared at the age of 8. Very quickly, at the time of the facts, an investigation is opened. Andthree months after this disappearance, it’s the child’s father who was arrested. Then, it’s only in 2015, that he was tried for kidnapping and aggravated forcible confinement of a minor, he wassentenced to 20 years' imprisonment. Despite this sentence, little Mathis’s body has never been found.

However, this Monday June 06, 2022, M6 broadcast a new issue of the program Call for witnesses, dedicated to this affair. If this gave new hope to the family of Mathis Jouanneau, in particular thanks to an “aged” photo revealed, the investigation was also relaunched. Indeed, during the broadcast of this program, the gendarmes received numerous calls and three testimonies in particular caught their attention, as revealed by the prosecutor of Caen at the microphone of France 3. According to our colleagues from BFMTV, three people believe they have recognized Mathis Jouanneau as a homeless man in Avignon.

Mathis Jouanneau soon found?

While the father of the missing little boy continues to affirm that his son is indeed still alive and safe with third parties, Nathalie Barré, the lawyer for Mathias' mother Jouanneau spoke on the case at the microphone of France 3 after revealing that his client has sued the State. “There have been delays, shortcomings, things that are totally abnormal. In particular, we have removed seals, evidence, documents on which we can investigate » said the young woman before making a new revelation. “I have changed the examining magistrate three times, each time the new judge does not know the file which is extremely heavy to manage (it contains more than 9000 pages). For me, it's not understandable, it's a file that should be investigated by a single person from the beginning” confided the professional.

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