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Maths subject for bac 2024: all subjects and answers

“Maths subject for bac 2024: all subjects and answers”

BAC 2024. The second session of the mathematics test is now available. discover on this page. This is the specialty test. which brings together the most students this year. No trap à wait, the subject of the baccalaureate covers the lessons of the year.

The essentials

  • The maths subject of the second day of this 2024 baccalaureate session, that of Thursday June 20, is available on this channel
  • For this second mathematics test, students are invited today from 2 p.m. &agrav; 6 p.m.
  • &At the end of the test the answer key will also be available on this page, thanks to our partner Studyrama.

The 2024 baccalaureate maths subject – Thursday, June 20

The math correction for the 2024 baccalaureate – Thursday, June 20

The maths subject of bac 2024 – Wednesday June 19

Corrected; from the math subject – Wednesday June 19


18:00 – All students have finished their course. the math test

À 6 p.m., all the students are done with the very dreaded math test. Some of them no longer have specialty tests. &agrav; pass but for the other appointments tomorrow. The correction of the test will soon be available on this page, students will be able to see if they have understood the subject well or if they are passed é side of their proof. 

16:51 – What are the themes of the math test

Algebra, g&eacute Ometry, analysis, probability, algorithms and programming are on the program for this math test, which mixes the concepts of first and final year. In form the test is essentially the same, four exercises including a questionnaire. multiple choices but what did they think? the students ?

We now know what the students have been working on for the past 2 hours. They arrived at half of the test and if they do well, they should at least have answered the questions. half exercises. The topics are available on this page thanks to à our partner Studyrama.

15:35 – 4 exercises in the program for the math test

The math test is particularly intense for students, but they are prepared for it . They have 4 hours to work on four independent exercises which can cover the entire specialty teaching program. mathematics. 

Each year, the exercises vary, some years a multiple choice question is given. to candidates and other years not. You therefore have to be very organized. to be able to finish all the exercises within the allotted time. It is recommended not to spend more than fifty minutes à an exercise, to have time to reread and correct any errors.

14:35 – When falls the math subject ?

Usually, the subjects that students are working on are published no earlier than one hour and fifteen minutes after the start of the exam, particularly so that candidates who arrive late, no later than one hour after the start of the exam, do not have access to the subjects before entering the room. You will therefore have to wait a few more minutes before discovering the subject of the maths exam. As soon as it is available, it will be possible to view it on this page thanks to our partner Studyrama.

14:00 – The maths exam has started

For the second half of the candidates registered for the mathematics specialty course, the baccalaureate exam has just started. &Agrave From now on, they have 4 hours to discover the subject, read the statements and documents carefully and work on the different exercises, presented in the form of multiple choice questions, problems or why not demonstrations.

13:00 – A difficult test awaits the students

After yesterday's ordeal, many students complained, particularly on social networks, & nbsp;the difficulty from subject. The maths test is a very technical test, which requires you to know your subject inside out, but nothing is done to ensure that candidates feel trapped. The subject is not composed of that'à Based on the themes seen during the year, you must therefore work throughout the year to maximize your chances on the day of the exam. À see if the subject of this second day of the specialty test is relevant. is as difficult for the students as the day before.

12:00 – What's waiting the candidates

If the format of the test does not change between yesterday and today, the topic will likely be completely different. You should therefore not bet everything on the themes of the previous day's subject at the risk of moving on to the next day. side of the test. Sequences, probabilities and functions were the topic of Wednesday June 19, primitives and convexity were the subject of Wednesday June 19. could very well find themselves in that of this Thursday, June 20.

11:00 – Candidates take the maths baccalaureate today hui

Welcome to this news feed for people. &agrav; inform you about the subject of mathematics for the 2024 baccalaureate. 44% of final year students have chosen the specialty of maths for the baccalaureate, the first half of them passed This test takes place on June 19 and for the second half, it takes place this afternoon. Follow the posting of topics online here, as well as our comments and corrections.

Find out more

What topics were considered likely this year?

Certain subjects regularly fall into the specialized baccalaureate. maths, this is the case of "ge&ometryétry in space", "sequences", &quot ;exponential functions, logarithm functions of nothing, of "integral calculus", "probability : succession of ;#39;éindependent proofs, Bernoulli" and the chapter "continuityé and theorem of intermediate values. These are therefore themes that should not be put aside. ;eacute;, quite the contrary.

&Conversely, there are less probable themes, this is the case of "probability' ;s : sums of random variables" and "probabilities : concentration, law of large numbers", but & also "primitives", "convexity´ ;", and chapters "composed of two functions", "combinatorics and enumeration" and geometry in space: project orthogonal of a hard point a line, on a plane. However, if these chapters drop more rarely it means that they fall sometimes, it is not safe. exclude that some of them make up the subjects of the specialization test. maths 2024. We must not neglect them either. 

When will the results of the 2024 mathematics test be published ?

Once the specialty test is completed, candidates enter in the waiting period until the publication of the baccalaureate results scheduled for 8&July 2024

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