Mattarella and Macron try to cool down the crisis between Paris and Rome over immigration

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Mattarella and Macron try to cool-down the crisis between Paris and Rome over immigration

The pulse that Rome and Paris have been waging for days due to immigration from Africa has finally provoked the intervention of Sergio Mattarella. The old Italian presidentand the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, held a telephone conversation on Monday which, in practice, is the first sign of distentionThe conflict between the two countries has been going on since their confrontation last week over the Ocean Viking, a ship carrying migrants from the NGO. Sos Meditérranée to which Paris assigned the space. a landing port, after Italy repeatedly refused to do so. Something that, in turn, gave rise to the immediate announcement by France of reprisals against the Government of Giorgia Meloni.

According to the statement released by both the Élysée and the Italian presidency, during their dialogue, Mattarella and Macron reaffirmed “the great importance” You will learn about bilateral relations between France and Italy, two founding countries of the European Union (EU). In addition, the two leaders have also agreed on “the need” of a “total collaboration in all fields”. What needs to happen “both bilaterally andwithin the EU”, they have underlined.

A diplomatic maneuver, this one, which betrays the intention of Mattarella, a man of dialogue and subtle in his way of exercising a position that does not usually involve him in the day-to-day of transalpine politics, of opening a truce in the clash between Italy and France. Even more so taking into account that what is being sold At stake in the immediate future are not only European immigration policies, but also the stability of the European bloc and a series of commercial agreements involving large companies from both countries.

Without Spain's signature

The unknown is I wonder if that wish will come true, after neither Rome nor Paris sent any signs of relaxation this past weekend. On the contrary, France has continued these days to insist on its position and harshly censure the behavior of the Italian Government -currently made up of a coalition in which there are two far-right parties, the League of Matteo Salvini, and Brothers of Italy of Meloni-, while the French authorities have also complied with one of the threats made to Italy in recent days: the reinforcement of the controls on its land border with the transalpine country. a joint letter from the Interior Ministers of Italy, Malta and Cyprus, together with the Migration Minister of Greece, in which they spared no criticism of the NGOs. “We reiterate our positionon the fact that the way these private vessels act does not conform to the spirit of the international legal framework on search and rescue operations. Each State must effectively exercise jurisdiction and control over the ships that fly its own flag & rdquor ;, they wrote in the letter, which was not signed by the State. Spain, despite being one of the largest recipients of migrants in the Mediterranean.

Irritation of Germany

“With full respect for the competences of the coastal States in accordance with international law we believe that a serious debate is urgent and necessary on how to better coordinate these operations in the Mediterranean” added the four countries.The objective is to ensure “that all private vessels respect international conventions and other applicable regulations”, they continued, in a message that coincided also with a gesture of irritation on the part of German diplomacy

This was demonstrated by the words of the German ambassador to Italy, Viktor Ebling, who underlined that the NGOs “deserve our gratitude and support”. The reason is that “they save lives”, he considered. The German diplomat, after even the Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, demanded from the European Commission “a code of conduct for NGOs”.