Matthew de Grood will continue to enjoy certain privileges

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Matthew de Grood will continue to benefit from certain privileges

Matthew de Grood was 22 when he stabbed Zackariah Rathwell, Jordan Segura, Kaitlin Perras, Josh Hunter and Lawrence Hong to death during a party at a house in the Brentwood neighborhood of Calgary on April 15, 2014. (Archives)

According to the Alberta Review Board, Matthew de Grood, who fatally stabbed five youths at a party in Calgary in 2014, remains a danger to the community public safety, but he will continue to be granted some liberty while his treatment continues.

Last month, the 31-year-old appeared for his annual review hearing, which was to assess his treatment and determine if he could enjoy more privileges or freedoms over the next year.


A year ago, Matthew de Grood was allowed to transition to a group home and regained temporary releases.

However, in its final review, the Board determined that he should be held at Alberta Hospital Edmonton or the Forensic Psychiatric Center of Southern Alberta.

Separately, she decided that Matthew de Grood could apply for unsupervised outings in Calgary and Edmonton, as well as supervised visits of up to two weeks to visit his sister in British Columbia.

Any travel to British Columbia is at the discretion of his treatment team.

With information from La& Canadian Press

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