Maxim Galkin announced a tour in the United States and responded to criticism from subscribers: “What does it mean to return Alla – is she a chiffonier?”


    Maxim Galkin announced a tour in the USA and responded to subscribers' criticism:

    Maxim Galkin

    Maxim Galkin again faced criticism from subscribers after he announced his US tour on Instagram*. His subscribers did not appreciate this decision and bombarded the artist with angry comments. Galkin answered some of them. 

    Well, laughter and nothing more! He doesn't know how to get ahead anymore. In Russia, nobody needed — both before and now, but in America it is needed. What a lofty conceit, Maxim! I forgot, the Americans are in a crisis, they think either to spend on life and food, or on gasoline, since everything has become very expensive for them. Well, no, they will drop all life's problems and run to Galkin's concert, & nbsp; — @lvgolubkova25 writes.

    Maxim Galkin replied to his subscriber as follows:

    Well, Lyudmila! Well, we can do it whenever we want! I hit it so hard! Of course, yes, these Americans, if they find out the ratio of our average wages and our gasoline prices, yes, they will regret with envy that they formed a state. And here I am still so useless. Well, Golubkova is strong! Perhaps even my high self-esteem surpassed.

    Some of his subscribers expressed concern for his wife, Alla Pugacheva.

    You, Maxim, perform where you want and how you want, but please return Alla to Russia. You promised her a quiet life, and now what? — @irinachecalova writes.

    What does it mean “Return Alla” — What is she, a chiffonier? — the showman commented.

    Pugacheva herself, by the way, previously announced that she would return to Russia by the beginning of the new school year.

    Maxim Galkin announced a tour in the USA and responded to criticism from subscribers: "What does it mean "Give back Alla" — is she a chiffonier?"

    Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with children

    Recall that Maxim Galkin has faced constant criticism from the very beginning of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine. So, after the artist began to give concepts in Israel, he was condemned for “unpatriotic” statements from the stage.

    Margarita Simonyan spoke sharply about Maxim Galkin, who called the artist gay and stated that he married Pugacheva for selfish reasons. Philip Kirkorov stood up for Galkin, although the singer's father, Bedros Kirkorov, did not support Maxim and said that he “would not have acted the way he did.”

    Alla Pugacheva also supported her husband in social networks: after Galkin posted a video message on Instagram in which he explained what he had in mind at his concerts, she posted it on her page and signed:

    He who has ears, let him hear.*Instagram belongs to Meta, recognized in RF extremist organization


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