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Maximum security for Bolivian general accused of coup

Photo: Juan Karita Associated Press Juan José Zúñiga who is taken to the high security prison of Chonchocoro, on the outskirts of La Paz.

Associated Press in La Paz, Bolivia

Published yesterday at 8:14 p.m.

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The Bolivian general accused of leading a failed coup was sent to a maximum security prison on Saturday as he faces charges of terrorism and starting an armed uprising.

“At some point the truth will be known,” General Juan José Zúñiga told reporters as he was handcuffed and escorted by two guards to the vehicle that would take him to the high security prison of Chonchocoro, a suburb of La Paz.

“The others are innocent. They are innocent people,” he added. Two other former military leaders, including former Navy Vice Admiral Juan Arnez Salvador, were also taken to the same prison.

Mr. Zúñiga, who was arrested Wednesday after the rebellion, said, without providing evidence, that the country's President, Luis Arce, had ordered him to lead the rebellion — something Bolivia's leader and his government have vigorously denied .

M. Arce told the Associated Press on Friday that General Zúñiga planned to “take power” and become president, and he again denied that Wednesday's attack on the government palace was a “self-coup.” State” intended to score him political points.

Authorities arrested 21 people, including Mr. Zúñiga, who were being held at the La Paz police headquarters. All are accused of armed uprising and terrorism. Fourteen of the detainees appeared before a judge on Saturday.

Families of some detainees said Friday they were unaware of any plot, and some say their loved ones were “just following orders” or told them they were performing a “military exercise.”< /p>

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