“May get hurt.” Bella Hadid vs. Gigi and Leonardo DiCaprio's romance

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Bella thinks Gigi is too good for a famous Hollywood womanizer.

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26-year-old American supermodel Bella Hadid spoke out against the new romance of her sister Gigi and Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The Mirror writes about this.

According to insiders, the star of Palestinian origin convinces his sister not to meet with the legendary film actor. Bella believes that 27-year-old Gigi is not suitable for DiCaprio, because she is too good for him.

“Bella thinks that Gigi is too good for him. The fact that he, without thinking about his ex-girlfriend, met with Gigi, strains her. She is worried that her sister might get hurt,” says an insider close to the star sisters .

On the eve of Leonardo DiCaprio broke up with 25-year-old model and actress Camilla Morrone. After that, the Internet began to actively joke about the young lovers of the American actor, because almost all of DiCaprio's girls were under 25 years old.

Immediately after the break of a 5-year relationship, celebrities attributed an affair with Ukrainian model Maria Beregova, but speculation was debunked , because the actor was spotted on a date with supermodel Gigi Hadid.