Mazda “humanized” the turn signals on their new models

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  • Mazda has humanized the turn signals on their new models

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  • Mazda has


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  • Mazda has humanized the turn signals on their new models

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Mazda has

Mazda's designer believes this makes the new models feel more relaxed and safer. This technology will later become available on many models of the brand.

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Mazda has created innovative turn signals that are designed to “humanize” new cars. They work with the heart. This was reported on the site Carscoops.

Mazda designer and head of lighting development Atsushi Yoshida said that modern cars are often devoid of “soul”. Therefore, he decided to create unusual turn signals that mimic the beating of the human heart.

The new turn signals have already debuted on the Mazda CX-30, and will later become available on other models. Yoshida stated that it was not easy to develop this technology.

Pulsating turn signals turn on and off smoothly. According to the designer, this reduces the tension of other road users and creates a feeling of calm.

Yoshida shared that in order to get the right rhythm, he looked at the electrocardiograms, observing the waves created by the heartbeat. He studied them, how they linger and shrink.

The turn signals took two years to develop. During the first tests, the lights faded too quickly.