McKinsey Influence: Ottawa Opposition Wants Inquiry

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McKinsey Influence: Opposition in Ottawa Wants Investigation

'Outrageous', 'Lack of Transparency', Colossal Spending: The Parties of opposition in Ottawa deplore the tens of millions of dollars in contracts awarded by Justin Trudeau's government to the firm McKinsey.

Consulting firm McKinsey has won contracts worth tens of millions of dollars from the Canadian federal government in recent years.

“All parliamentary tools will have to be used to shed light on [McKinsey's influence]”, proclaims Bloc Québécois MP Jean-Denis Garon.

Like this elected Bloc member, the various opposition parties denounce the amounts paid by Ottawa to the consulting firm McKinsey.

According to a Radio-Canada investigation, the government of Justin Trudeau paid 30 times more money to this American firm than when the Conservatives were in power.

These amounts have continued to increase in recent years and contracts with a cumulative value of several tens of millions of dollars have been signed in recent months with various ministries, sometimes without the slightest call from the authorities. 'offers.

“There are several ethical issues that will need to come out of the shadows. There is an appearance of conflicts of interest. »

— Jean-Denis Garon, MP for the Bloc Québécois

It's purely scandalous and it's typically Liberal. It's cronyism, deplores the elected New Democrat Alexandre Boulerice.

Mr. Boulerice criticizes the proximity of McKinsey and Justin Trudeau's team. The former boss of the company, Dominic Barton, had notably advised the government on immigration matters before the signing of various agreements between Ottawa and this consulting firm with the aim of carrying out the transformation of Immigration Canada. .

Subsequently, Dominic Barton was appointed Canadian Ambassador to China (2019-2021).

It's a waste of public funds and, moreover, it doesn't even seem efficient, resumes Alexandre Boulerice.

< p>“The Department of Immigration, which was given management advice, is probably the worst, worst-run department in the entire federal government right now. »

—Alexandre Boulerice, deputy of the New Democratic Party

In a written statement, the Conservative Party of Canada says the “Trudeau government is clearly unprincipled in outsourcing to a company that has helped perpetuate the opioid crisis and worked closely with authoritarian governments like [that of] the People's Republic of China”.

“The Trudeau government clearly lacks confidence in the federal public service with so many on an expensive consulting firm. »

— Michael Chong, MP for the Conservative Party of Canada

The NDP believes there needs to be an investigation.

If we need a public inquiry, we will be ready to go there, says Alexandre Boulerice.

The Bloc is not closing the door to this idea. Is this just the tip of the iceberg that we have just discovered? asks Jean-Denis Garon. It is possibly the canary in the mine and we will have to dig a lot.

For its part, Ottawa defended itself by indicating that the acquisition of professional services allows the government to complete the work of civil servants by acquiring specific expertise and coping with fluctuations in the workload.

With the collaboration of Olivier Bachand

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