Medvedev warns of nuclear war if Ukraine defeats Russia

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Medvedev warns of nuclear war if Ukraine defeats Russia

< p>The Vice President of the Russian Security Council, former President Dmitry Medvedev, warned that the Russian government would not be in trouble. Today I speak to the West against the shipment of heavy weapons and attack systems to Ukraine, because the defeat of a nuclear power like Russia in a conventional war could lead to an outbreak of a nuclear conflict.

“Tomorrow, at NATO's Ramstein base, the great military leadersthey will discuss new tactics and strategies, as well as what to do. such as supplying Ukraine with new heavy weapons and attack systems. And this will be “It happened right after the Davos Forum, where late revelers repeated like a mantra: to achieve peace, Russia must lose,” Medvedev said on his Telegram channel. to be obvious”

“And it never occurs to any of those wretches to draw the following elementary conclusion from this: the defeat of a nuclear power in a conventional war can lead to the outbreak of a nuclear war,” he stressed.

Medvedev argues in his umpteenth onslaught against the West< /strong>, that “nuclear powers do not lose major conflicts on which their fate depends.”

“But this should be obvious to anyone. Even for a Western politician who has retained at least some trace of intelligence,” he insists.

The former Russian president made these remarks on the eve of the meeting. A Ukrainian Defense Contact Group meeting at the US Ramstein airbase in Germany, where kyiv's partners plan to announce major new military aid that will include more weapons and ammunition. , as well as armored vehicles and, according to the government of Volodimir Zelensky, modern tanks.