Meeting in congress, the party of Danielle Smith prepares its electoral ammunition

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Meeting in congress, Danielle Smith’s party prepares its electoral ammunition

Danielle Smith won the leadership race for the United Conservative Party of Alberta on October 6 with 53.77% of the vote.< /p>

The United Conservative Party (UCP) of Alberta is hosting its last convention this weekend before the May 2023 general election. This is an opportunity for new leader Danielle Smith to impose her vision.

The PCU has chosen to meet in NDP territory, since the convention is taking place in the suburbs of Edmonton. The New Democratic Party (NDP) is simultaneously holding its own convention in Calgary, where the next election is expected to be played.

The Conservative rally begins Friday evening and will continue through Sunday. The public policy debate will take place on Saturday. The party will base itself in particular on the proposals it draws from them to build its electoral platform.

Among the 20 resolutions debated, there are various proposals, in particular to reduce the bill Albertans' electricity supply, speed up the recognition of immigrants' diplomas or even create an energy corridor towards Churchill, Manitoba.

One of the resolutions also proposes to ban the teaching of the concept of systemic racism in schools. Another resolution calls for the dismissal of several senior officials in an attempt to save money.

If I had two words to sum up this weekend's two conventions, it would be “May 2023”, sums up political scientist Frédéric Boily. This is the goal for both parties: the next election campaign.

He believes Danielle Smith's insistence on standing up for the rights of unvaccinated people could hurt her ability to woo Alberta voters.

The Saint Campus professor -Jean from the University of Alberta believes that this conference represents a risk for Danielle Smith.

Usually, there is always a bit of controversy in conservative conventions, he explains. This time, it is even more watched, in the media, but also by observers from the large conservative family who wonder if we are really offering a united front.

Danielle Smith will have to keep her party together after months of internal divisions.

The congress will also be an opportunity for members of the PCU to meet the new Cabinet of Danielle Smith, in which several tenors of the Kenney government have retained their positions. However, these will not be sworn in until Monday, a step that normally takes place immediately after their appointment.

I thought it was important to present them to the members, explained Danielle Smith during an interview with the conservative Western Standard.

Another highlight of the rally will be the speech by the new Prime Minister, scheduled for Saturday at 1 p.m.

Danielle Smith is currently seeking election in a by-election in the riding of Brooks-Medicine-Hat. A victory will allow her to enter the Legislative Assembly, where she is expected to introduce her flagship promise: her Alberta sovereignty bill.

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