Megan Fox meets ex-husband's newborn son


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<p>The acting couple maintained a good relationship after a high-profile divorce</p>
<p>36-year-old American actress Megan Fox met the newborn child of her ex-husband, 49-year-old actor Brian Austin Green. Page Six writes about this.</p>
<p>At first, the celebrity sent flowers to the newly-made parents and congratulated them on the new addition to the family, and then decided to personally meet the baby.</p>
<p>New beloved actor Sharna Burgess said that Megan Fox got along well with her ex-husband's son.</p>
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    “It was very nice and strange to see this,” said the young mother.

    As you know, the 36-year-old actress and mother of three called her son Brian Austin Green “very beautiful and sweet” baby. Sharna Burgess added that her lover's three sons got along well with their little brother.

    “They are obsessed with him. They come every morning, sneak and tiptoe to see if they can see baby Zane. They kiss they love him very much. They think he is the cutest creature in the world,” Burgess admitted.

    Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have been married for about ten years. Three sons grow up from their union.

    Megan Fox met her ex-husband's newborn son

    The actress is now engaged to her new boyfriend, musician Coulson Baker. So, a luxurious wedding ceremony of lovers is expected in the near future.


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