Meghan Markle's Makeup Secret That Helps You Look Younger



    • Meghan Markle's makeup secret to look younger

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    • Meghan Markle's makeup secret to make you look younger

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    • Meghan Markle's makeup secret that helps you look younger


    • Meghan Markle's makeup secret to look younger

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    • Meghan Markle's makeup secret that helps you look younger

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    • Meghan Markle's makeup secret to look younger

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      Meghan Markle's makeup secret, which helps to look younger

      Prince Harry's wife supports fashion trends.

      The Duchess of Sussex has recently begun to look even younger and slimmer, which beauty experts have noticed. Although Meghan Markle herself claims that it's all about sports and cosmetic procedures, thanks to which she looks fit, make-up plays an important role in her appearance.

      According to experts, the thing is that Meghan Markle changed the density and shape of her eyebrows.

      “Meghan's new eyebrow shape is very different from her previous image. Now they are much more straight, the arcs are smaller, and her tips the eyebrows are extended to the temples, which makes them much longer than before,” said Hellomagazine, the founder of the permanent makeup clinic, Sian Delar.

      According to the expert, Megan's new thick and straight eyebrows literally “exude the vibes of Audrey Hepburn,” whose famous beauty image does not go out of fashion and remains a source of inspiration for many young and mature women.

      According to Sian, more thick eyebrows can really make the face look slimmer and emphasize the line of the chin, and the pointed tip can open the eyes.

      Otherwise, the Duchess of Sussex does not change her habits. In makeup, she uses a gentle tone through which her charming freckles can be seen. Meghan Markle uses a moisturizer with a glowing effect, natural shades of lipstick and smoky shadows.

      It is worth noting that Kate Middleton resorts to similar eyebrow tricks. Recently, she also reshaped her eyebrows, making them thicker and longer.

      Beverly Hills facial and hair restoration specialist Dr. Jason Champaign recently mentioned in an interview with the Daily Express that currently Over time, many women return to the natural shape and thickness of their eyebrows.

      “My patients still ask to return to natural looking eyebrows due to over-plucked appearance in the past,” said the expert.

      According to him, this is due to the anti-aging effect that lush eyebrows visually create.

      “The hair covering the superciliary arches softens the appearance of the upper third of the face and always makes it younger,” said Champaign.

      < p>Focus previously wrote about the relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. According to a body language expert, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very fond of each other.


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