Meladze gave Brezhnev a suitcase: the reason

Меладзе вручил Брежневой чемодан: названа причина

Popular singer Vera Brezhneva, who has to fend off questions about her divorce from producer Konstantin Meladze told about the strange gift.

As stated by the singer in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel, he gave his wife a suitcase.

“I have such a busy touring schedule that even the suitcase is not maintained. Suitcase broke. Husband knew what I like and gave it to me. Can now travel with a new suitcase,” — boasted she (watch after 35:00).

The singer looked tired, said that resorts to a vitamin drip, and power draws in the love of the work.

“A love for what you do. It is impossible to do something without passion and without love. I am now full of energy”, she said.

We will remind that earlier in a press there were rumors about the novel Meladze with another woman.

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