Mélanie Da Cruz clashes with Anthony Martial's new girlfriend, she answers him cash

Mélanie Da Cruz clashes with Anthony Martial’s new girlfriend, she answers him cash

On social networks, clashes are flying in all directions. And this time, it’s Mélanie Da Cruz who is facing Anthony Martial’s new girlfriend! melty tells you everything here.

Between Mélanie Da Cruz and Anthony Martial, everything seemed to be going well. But the shortcomings of the footballer led the young mother to file for divorce. It’s on her Instagram account that she announced the news to Internet users. She wrote, “There is no such thing as an easy breakup but it can be done with the utmost respect and modesty on my part. Life as a couple is a long road often strewn with pitfalls. Giving up is not part of my character but this is where our paths diverge. Almost 3 years since we said “yes”, I thought for life, unfortunately love was not enough. It is impossible for me to put HERE words on what I feel because my pain cannot be written. However, our priority is and will remain Swan's well-being.

An Instagram post that Melanie Da Cruz recently deleted. Internet users then said that she was again in a relationship with Anthony Martial. Especially since she hasn't changed her last name on social media. The young woman therefore took the floor to explain herself. And Mélanie Da Cruz makes it known that her Instagram account is certified… She can't change her name like that. But she made demands for it to be done. She also explains that if she withdrew her publication, it’s simply to avoid seeing this photo where she is in a wedding dress. For his part, the footballer has just taken off the ring he had put on in the description of his Instagram profile. He also deleted the photos of Mélanie Da Cruz.

New clash for Mélanie Da Cruz

And while she clashed a lot with the ex of Anthony Martial, Samantha, now Mélanie Da Cruz has tackled her new girlfriend. On her Snapchat story, she took a kissing selfie and wrote: “Big UP to Lisa”. A message that she accompanied with the ring emoji. So far, nothing crazy… Except that in reality, Lisa would be Anthony Martial's new girlfriend! And the latter did not fail to answer him. On the social network with the yellow logo, she writes: “Big up to you MLN ❤️. PS: at a certain age, you have to worry… When maturity has still not arrived. » For the moment, Mélanie has not yet replied!

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