Mélanie Dedigama not ready to go on the Youtube channel of Bastos? His statements sow doubt


Mélanie Dedigama not ready to go on the Bastos Youtube channel? ;statements sow doubt

This Monday, June 13, 2022, Mélanie Dedigama lent herself to the game of questions and answers in story on her account Instagram. During this one, she made statements that could lead us to believe that she refuses to go on the Youtube channel of Bastos.

If today, Mélanie Dedigama lives happy days with Vincent with whom she had a little girl named Naya, a few years ago, the young woman lived a romance with Bastos. Remember the meltynauts, they both met in Secret Story 10. After a real crush, they got together and had a tumultuous history. Indeed, it was punctuated by numerous ruptures, betrayals and reconciliations. Moreover, it’s as ex that they participated in Moundir et les Apprentis Aventuriers 2. And if they managed to get back together on this show, finally, they immediately separated just before abandoning the adventure.

Since their breakup, the two reality TV candidates have never been more in touch. However, recently, during an interviewgranted to the editor of melty, Bastos had agreed to come back to his relationship with Mélanie Dedigama. “From this relationship, I have good memories and hard times. It’s true that it’s a bit of a tumultuous relationship. A little passionate, a little crazy, it went a little in all directions he had declared before giving us a revelation. I tried a while ago to get her on my Youtube channel. She was not willing unveiled the candidate for The Battle of the Clans. And obviously, this statement caused some Internet users to react since this Monday, June 13, 2022, Naya's mother seems to have received a question on this subject.

Mélanie Dedigama has turned the page of his story with Bastos

During a question-and-answer moment with his community on Instagram, Mélanie Dedigama received the following question from one of her subscribers: Why don't you turn the page and agree to shoot a video with…“< /em>. If the former reality TV candidate took care to hide the first name of the person concerned, at the editorial office of melty, it is assumed that it is Bastos. Anyway, in the face of these remarks, Vincent's girlfriend retorted: But who has not turned the page? Me the page, I turned it, the book I threw it away finally there is nothing left. The bin is empty. But then, is the young woman talking about her ex? Or a completely different person? In any case, his statements are very clear!