Melanight close to a footballer? She responds bluntly

Melanight close to a footballer? She answers straightforwardly

Is Melanight close to a footballer? During a FAQ on Instagram, the candidate answered bluntly.

Melanight and Romain Benn, that’s ancient history. The two candidates of The Battle of Couples 3 have taken different paths and do not intend to go back. After several altercations and settling of scores on social networks, the young woman has resumed the course of her life and could well be tempted by a new romance. In any case, it’s what Internet users want him to do. Result, as soon as the pretty blonde appears with a man, the questions arise. During an Instagram FAQ, one person wanted to know more about a footballer that Melanight was very close to.

Always very transparent with her subscribers, the main interested party responded bluntly and wrote:” Then ! 1) I spoke with a lot of people. 2) How I don't care if he's a football player! Is it neither admirable nor attractive to run behind a ball? It's a job like any other. Just he earns a lot of sorrel, but too stingy to spend it! I will never go out with a guy who acts as an accountant! So = ME + FOOTY = Just homies. PS: the market study was carried out by me and with the help of a footbotoral entourage. As always Melanight hides behind humor when she finds herself in embarrassing situations.

Melanight has a series of misadventures

Melanight , who had her purse stolen while she was at the hairdresser, therefore always seems to be a heart to take. The latter continues the misadventures at the moment. At the end of May 2022, she was the victim of an attempted burglary at her home. A big scare that she did not fail to comment on in great detail. Then it was the rapper Booba who attacked her by attacking her on her physique and cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, Melanight is still so positive and it's nice to see!

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