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Melanight: the theft of her completely fake bag? She clashes violently with Milla Jasmine

Melanight: the theft of her completely fake bag? She clashes violently with Milla Jasmine

War is declared between Milla Jasmine and Melanight. The two candidates did not hesitate to clash severely on social networks.

Who says reality TV says clashes and many candidates are waging a real war by interposed screens . This is particularly the case of Milla Jasmine and Melanight who seem to really hate each otheras evidenced by their latest exchanges in Instagram stories. Formerly friends, the latter no longer hesitate to throw the worst horrors at each other: “You have become a real rager who is jealous of everyone (…) You are a complexed villain who despite her surgery ;relentless on girls, you have become a stalker, you spend your life attacking people” said Milla after being mocked by Melanight on Tiktok.

Going further, Mujdat’s ex took the opportunity to tackle the young woman for her bag theft that occurred last month while she was in a hairdressing salon. An episode that had marked the main victim a lot. Milla then says cash: “And finally, if I was a hypocrite, you are as fake as your stolen bag! Go on, squeal. Very quickly, Melanight in turn took to Instagram to reply: “It’s me or a poo-eater-mythomaniac-hypocrite-crazy-manipulative-stealing husband is trying to make complex? (…) You only have your looks to compensate for your witch attitudes. »

Milla vs Melanight: a point of no return

Determined to fight it out, Melanight adds: « What are you going to do? Send me people like you've done before? (…) You are right my dear, we are not on the same level. I will never be a dirty little pretentious person who feels good only by putting others down. nor a family wrecker” before insinuating that Milla is cheated on by her husband: “What? Want to see the messages your “forced husband” sent to my girlfriends? » Stung by the story of the theft of the luxury bag, the former candidate of La Villa 6 in turn tackles her former friend: “My darling, I forgive you too, you can't understand my sorrow to have lost my only valuable bag since you never bought yours on your own. » How far will Melanight and Milla go?

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