Meloni assures that Italy will respect European rules “without being subordinate”

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 Meloni assures that Italy will respect European rules

The extreme right of Giorgia Meloni settled down this Tuesday in the Italian Parliament. In her first speech as prime minister in the Italian Congress, the leader of Brothers of Italy has set the tone for her mandate with a moderate nationalist speech , in which he defended & guĂ©; that his Executive does not want to sabotage the European Union (EU),“but to make it more effective.” “This government will respect the rules in force” in the EU, but without “being subordinate” and “without inferiority complexes“, he affirmed. before a vote of confidence in this hemicycle that finally won. with 235 favorable votes (out of 389 deputies present) and which precedes the last investiture session of Meloni, which will be this Wednesday in the Senate.

At the inaugural ceremony, a solemn moment in which Italian leaders usually ratify their Government programs before Parliament, Meloni also as a representative of the losers of the economic crisis, and promised work so that ItalyIt has regained its shine after decades of suffering structural problems and now also due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine. In line with this reflection, the policy also ensured that that will spend the European recovery plan funds “in the best possible way”, “without delays or waste, agreeing with the European Commission”, and also taking into account the rampant inflation and the energy crisis. “The approach has to be pragmatic, not ideological,” he added, in his speech lasting more than an hour.

Still, Meloni didn't miss out either. This is the occasion to criticize the European Central Bank for having raised interest rates. It has been “a decision that many consider risky and that threatens to damage the bank credit of families and companies,” she said. In this tone, he warned that Italy wants to contribute its position also to the reform of the Stability Pact. “Italy will make its voice heardin Europe as befits a great founding nation. The EU is not an elite circle with members from series A and series B, or a board of directors that must keep the accounts in order, but a common house to face challenges that the member states can hardly face alone. The EU has often been unprepared for this,” added Meloni.


Regarding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Meloni reiterated that he considers that it is “Italy's duty to contribute fully” to this institution. “Like it or not, freedom has a price,” she said. And, citing the “brave Ukrainian people“, he affirmed that international commitments will be respected to help kyiv to “defend itself from the aggression of the Russian Federation.” With this, in another section, he also said that he “never” had “sympathy” As for authoritarian regimes, including fascism“.

On the domestic front, the far-right once again insisted that it is predicted that, during her mandate, Carry out a reform that steers Italy towards a presidential regime, an issue highly criticized by the center-left opposition.Aware of this, Meloni quoted the French semi-presidential model as a possible role model and invited He called on “all the political forces present in Parliament” to collaborate to arrive at the best and most shared reform possible. “But it is clear that we will not give up reforming Italy in the face of damaging opposition,” she continued.

With a language of short sentences and punctuated at times by slogans, Meloni also suggested which will introduce some protectionist measures to protect the economy of their country. In particular, he advanced What will you propose? “safeguard clauses” to protect some infrastructures, such as highways and Italian airports. “The model of the oligarchs is not a modelfree-market model worthy of a Western democracy,” he said, in his long speech that was interrupted several times by applause. we will finish at two (in the afternoon),” he said ironically, in one of the few moments of relaxation in his address.

Roger Scruton

In his speech, In which he also quoted Pope Francis and the late John Paul II, Meloni referred, speaking of ecology, to the late conservative thinker Roger Scruton, who made a connection between&nbsp ;environment and religion. “Protecting our natural heritage commits us to protect the heritage of culture, traditions and spirituality that we inherit from our parents to pass on to our children,” he said. Scuton has been “one of the great masters of European conservative thought“, he added, stating that the ecological transition cannot “deliver us to new strategic dependencies”.

Regarding immigration, he repeated What will apply? firm hand. “In Italy, like any other serious state, you don't enter illegally,” he asserted, proposing a naval blockade of ships leaving North Africa to stop immigration. What we want to prevent is that it is the traffickers who select (the people who have the right to) enter Italy,” he explained. In any case, already at the end of his speech, he said: “In our Government, we will not throw in the towel, nor will we betray.”