Men also have their period and suffer from menopause: these are the symptoms

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Men also have their periods and suffer menopause: these are the symptoms

Some call it the crisis of the 40 years and others speak of the menopause of the&nbsp ;man. The symptoms are the same: irritability, anger, mood swings and poor communication. Men do not bleed, but they have a hormonal cycle like women. It is known for a fact that testosterone levels peak in the morning and decrease throughout the day.  That is, men have hormonal cycles of 24 hours. With age there is a hormonal decline which, as usual, implies a change in mood. It is menstruation and male menopause, which experts call Male Irritability Syndrome.

Scientists have been investigating the effects of these hormonal imbalances for years.and when the changes really last: if it is something daily or if it could be about cycles of weeks and even months . What I do What he knows is that this syndrome translates into a depressive picture that has four distinctive characteristics: exaggerated sensitivity, anger, frustration and anguish

Symptoms similar to those of depression and anxiety

There are several studies that show that hormonal changes also affect men. Dr. Gerald Lincoln, of the Edinburgh Medical Research Unit on Human Reproduction, stated that low testosterone levels in men have consequences on mood.

He was so convinced of it that he even gave his theory a name: the Irritable Male Syndrome . He himself identified the following symptoms, similar to those of depression or anxiety: sexual appetite, erectile dysfunction, sleep difficulties, irritation, and hunger (preference for sweet foods), explained Dr. in an article published in New Scientist magazine in 2022.

On the other hand, Dr. Jed Diamond, author of the book 'The Irritable Man Syndrome', interviewed to 2,000 British men and women. 26% of those surveyed stated that that he was convinced that men have a monthly “male period”.

His study identified Two groups more sensitive to this condition: adolescents and mature menaround 40 years old. Another 50% considered that they are more irritable at some point in the month, 51% of the men were tired, 43% more sad than normal and 47% recognized that they were more irritable than usual. You may even have cravings.

Four triggers and how to prevent them

Diamond alludes to four possible triggers such as stress ;s, fluctuating testosterone levels, biochemical imbalances and loss of masculine identity or, what is the same, what the concept of man implies for a man.

On the prevention of Male Irritability Syndrome, Diamond recommends keeping testosterone levels at their optimal state. This can be achieved through the practice of sexual intercourse, playing sports, eating healthy, sleeping between six and eight hours, and controlling the level of stress.

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