Men have revealed the true faces of their beautiful girls after they started dating


August 22, 2021, 16:31 | In the world

Guys revealed a worldwide conspiracy of beautiful girls.

Men showed real faces of their beautiful girls, after they started dating

Tiktokers hit back at their loved ones, who recently launched a wave of videos showing the guys in a not-so-flattering light, Ukr.Media reports. revealed the world conspiracy of beautiful girls. It is worth it for such a hot predator to get a boyfriend as soon as she relaxes and stops creating an aura of mystery around her. Bloggers launched a flash mob, where they showed what drastic changes their girls have undergone.

"Waiter, I ordered this, and what was brought to me – I have no idea at all,' says the voice-over on each clip, causing laughter in the comments.

Shots with glamorous beauties change to video with girls making masks and crunching treats while sitting in comfortable oversized clothes with wasps' nests on their heads.

And despite the fact that the flash mob was supposed to be humorous and many videos were posted on the accounts of the girls themselves, there were many outraged comments According to the girls, these videos were offensive and dishonest for them.


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