Messenger adds features to its end-to-end encrypted messaging

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Messenger adds features to its end-to-end encrypted messaging

Facebook promised in 2019 to encrypt the Messenger instant messaging platform.

If you've ever tested the Messenger app's encrypted messaging, you've probably noticed that it has far fewer customization options than traditional messaging. Meta said it wanted to fix this and announced a host of new features.

As a reminder, encrypted conversations use end-to-end encryption, which means that the message is scrambled, except for the person who sends it and the person who receives it, both of whom hold the keys to read it. Meta or other entities thus do not have access to the messages.

We will now be able, in these conversations, to apply themes, choose a quick personalized emoji and affix a group photo , options already offered in Meta's basic messaging system.

Other options will also be offered, such as the display (or not) of online status and the preview of links shared in a discussion.

These features were not all accessible in the new version of the application at the time of writing these lines, around Tuesday noon.

The news that may be of more interest supporters of end-to-end encryption is that Meta announces the application of this security measure by default for more and more people.

Au Over the next few months, more people will have some of their conversations enhanced with an extra layer of protection afforded by end-to-end encryption, Meta says in a blog post.

We know people will have questions about how we choose this or that chat [to turn it into an encrypted chat], so we want to make it clear up front that it's a random process, the company claims.


The social media giant also owns WhatsApp, another has Very popular email application that is fully end-to-end encrypted.

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