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Meta is teasing its future “holographic” glasses: a demonstration in sight ?

Meta already markets AR/VR headsets, but it is also developing “holographic” glasses. © Lemon squeezer

Meta is today one of the leaders in the mixed reality market. Mark Zuckerberg's company already markets headsets like the Quest 3. But its ultimate goal is to market more compact augmented reality glasses on a large scale, which can replace smartphones. And clearly, the group has made immense progress since, according to its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta should soon unveil its first pair of “holographic” glasses.

The prototype is almost ready

In an interview with YouTube channel Kallaway, Zuckerberg reveals that Meta's holographic glasses prototype is almost ready. It also indicates that it is a revolutionary product, and that people who were able to try the technology were “stunned”. The boss of Meta does not say more, but explains that the group will begin to demonstrate this technology. But unfortunately, the commercialization of these holographic glasses could still be far away. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg indicates that the company prefers to continue developing an improved version, rather than selling a prototype.

In any case, at a time when competition is increasingly tough in the mixed reality market, Meta seems to want to show how advanced it is in this area. As a reminder, since this year, Meta has faced competition from Apple, which markets its Vision Pro headset. Additionally, Google and Samsung have joined forces to develop a mixed reality product. And during its Google I/O competition, Google teased future augmented reality glasses powered by artificial intelligence. At the same time, Meta must also justify the billions of dollars it spends on its mixed reality projects, by regularly discussing its latest technological advances. Indeed, for the moment, Meta's division specializing in mixed reality is causing enormous losses for the group.

The bracelet that reads thoughts and always in the pipes

At the same time, the Meta group is also working on an interface that could also revolutionize augmented reality: a bracelet that reads thoughts. The group has been working on this technology for a while and it was, once again, mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg in his interview. As a reminder, this is a bracelet equipped with sensors, which detect the subtle movements of the hand, to convert these movements into commands. The idea is that the user will only have to think about making a gesture, for this gesture to be carried out on the augmented reality software.

  • The Meta group is working on holographic glasses and says its prototype is almost ready
  • Meta should be doing demonstrations soon, but commercialization is not immediately planned
  • Mark Zuckerberg explains that Meta prefers to improve its technology instead of selling a prototype
  • Meta also continues to work on his connected bracelet that (almost) reads thoughts

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