Meta works on a platform comparable to Twitch


Meta board on a platform comparable to Twitch

Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Meta

Great: This is the name of a platform that Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is quietly testing. According to content creators who have had access to it and have given their impressions to the economic media Business Insider, this new social network would target instavideasts and would enter into direct competition with Twitch, which dominates on this market. .

Super would be a new product entirely separate from Facebook and Instagram, a spokesperson for Meta told Business Insider.

Meta reportedly reached out to about a hundred content creators directly to test the platform.

While Super is primarily focused on delivering live video content, the platform has the particularity of promoting interaction between instavideasts and their audience, by allowing people to be invited to join a broadcast by videoconference.

It would also offer fun features such as live quizzes or modules for holding contests.

A website to present Super and try to seduce instavideasts has been put online, but this one does not is not accessible from Canada at this time.

The platform is still in its initial testing phase, according to Meta, and there are no hint for a possible launch date for now.

With information from Business Insider, and Mashabl e


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