Meteorologists revealed the weather that November will bring us. What temperature can we expect and whether the first snow will appear

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What weather will November bring us?

 Meteorologists revealed what weather November will bring us. What temperature can we expect and whether the first snow will appear

As the portal reminds “Wirtualna Polska”, the weather has spoiled us in recent days. Few people associated the sunny aura and high temperatures with the end of October. There are many indications that November may also surprise us, at least when it comes to the weather. Long-term forecasts indicate that we do not have to worry about low temperatures in the near future. How long will we be able to enjoy them?

An exceptionally warm November awaits us.

The long-term forecasts presented by American and European meteorologists are consistent. The average temperature in November will be higher than the long-term standard adopted for that month. The CFSv2 synoptic model shows that this will be a deviation of 1.5 to even 3 degrees Celsius. Other models are between 0.75 and 2 degrees.

This does not mean, however, that there will be no frosts during this period. They are to be expected, although they will occur locally and rather at night. Long-term forecasts also indicate the possibility of snowfall, which may occur in the second half of the month.

The first days of November will be quite high, although the temperatures will never exceed 20 degrees Celsius. Until mid-November, the temperature in various parts of Poland will be between 6 and 16 degrees. At night, you should expect lower temperatures, and locally even frost.

Significant cooling will come in our country in the last days of November. It is then that there will also be a chance for the first snowfall to appear.

Forecast for the next few days

IMGW announces a change in thermal conditions in our country for the coming days. The period in which warm air masses flowed to our country is slowly coming to an end. On Wednesday, November 2, the coldest will be on the eastern outskirts, where the thermometers will show only 12 degrees Celsius.

The inhabitants of Lower Silesia will see the highest temperature values, where the temperature will rise to 17 degrees. Today it will be rather cloudy, and rain may be possible in some places.

Do you think these long-term forecasts will come true?

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