Michael Keaton has never watched an entire Marvel or DC movie (and has a very good reason)


Michael Keaton explained that he was never able to watch a full Marvel or DC movie for a fairly simple reason.

Famous interpreter of Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton's Batman, Michael Keaton has never removes the imprint of the superhero from his career. Decades later and after other leading roles, the actor was overtaken by this passage in the world of comic book adaptations. If Birdmanby Alejandro González Iñárritu, in 2015, seemed to succeed in exorcizing the Batman phenomenon in his life, the actor immediately jumped into the mouth of the MCU. In 2017, he became the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming and he has been racking up comeback promises in various DC and Marvel films ever since.

A return that should not be done without some regrets. Between the actor's brief appearance in the disastrous Morbius (which may not be followed up) or his appearance as Batman in a Batgirl which will never come out, it was not well off. He is also supposed to return in the future The Flash for which he will no doubt have to promote by dodging all questions related to Ezra Miller. One might wonder at this point, if Michael Keaton is not already tired of superheroes again. A priori, he spared himself at least the show in his private life, since the comedian recently confessed that he doesn't watch these movies.

In an interview , Variety asked Michael Keaton if he watches DC or Marvel movies. The answer couldn't be more emphatic:

“I know people won't believe this, but I've never seen any of these movies in full, no Marvel or whatever. And I'm not saying that out of elitism, believe me! It's just that I I'm starting a series, I think it's great and I make three episodes, but then I think I have something else to do!”

Lack of time and probably lack of interest, the actor is not a fan of the genre when he has become an icon by force of circumstance . Despite no ties, Michael Keaton nevertheless finds it fun to play this type of character in the new big Hollywood machines.

“It seemed like fun. I was curious to see what it was going to be like after all these years. Not so much for me, but I was mostly weirdly intrigued by the way production works. This machine is gigantic. They live in their own world. So, like someone on the outside, I wanted to explore that a bit thinking, 'This is crazy!'”

Morbid curiosity and a good check put an end to all the trouble – well maybe. Michael Keaton is probably more interested in the making of than the film itself and that's just as well. In the meantime, it's in The Flash, June 21, 2023, that we should find him in the role of Batman – if all goes well, which is not certain with recent Warner's misadventures.


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