Michał Szpak confessed the whole truth. Here is his biggest secret

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Ever since the figure of Michał Szpak appeared in public space, it has aroused interest and controversy.

Michał Starling told the whole truth. Here's his biggest secret

No wonder, because you can't deny a singer's talent and eye-catching appearance. Many women can only dream of such a lush hairstyle as the young artist boasts, and his extravagant style permeates both everyday and stage dress.

Michał Szpak finally broke the silence. He revealed the truth about his own emotional sphere

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In a Catholic country practicing old traditions, such as Poland, figures like Michał Szpak were quite exotic until recently, but with time the mass media made society familiar with the fact of the existence of people who, with their stylization and behavior, cause confusion in the environment, who he is with them on a daily basis.

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For years, the gender ambiguity that emanates from Michał Szpak has prompted many viewers, listeners and Internet users to unequivocally assess his emotional privacy, attributing him to a tendency towards gentlemen. The artist did not comment on these presumptions unequivocally, or joked about the rumors circulating about him.

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It must be admitted that his stage stylizations in recent times actually had the right to arouse considerable controversy, because they covered too little of the body, according to many people. Michał's undoubted vocal talent, however, meant that almost from the very beginning he has appeared in public and on television, he has a growing group of loyal fans, who also had an opinion on the heart preferences of their idol.

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Now Super Express reminds that some time ago the singer finally revealed how with him is in the emotional sphere. His post on Instagram and further media statements leave no doubt – […] I cannot say that I will only fall in love with a woman or only with a man, because I am falling in love with a man. […] I'm queer, I don't identify with any gender. I am actually living here and now. I live in the moment – revealed to the surprise of many fans.

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