Michel: “Girona is three times immortal. He deserved it for a long time”


    Michel: "Girona is three times immortal. He deserved it for a long time"

    “He deserved it for a long time. As they say in the city, Girona is three times immortal”, he confessed. An emotional Michel, the coach who led the team to the First Division after beating Tenerife at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López (1-3). “We were in the relegation zone”, recalled the coach in those first months full of darkness for Girona, sunk in mediocrity. “Third time's the charm. You always have to fight, never give up,” said Stuani, the scorer.

    Girona was exultant. He even joked Michel when he saw Samu Sainz appear in the interview, just after the match. “Look at the clown,” said the coach, addressing the midfielder with whom he had problems living together during the season. “We fight and we love each other,” he said. Michelle. “Nobody believed and only the coach from the first day told us that we could get promoted,” Samu Sainz acknowledged.

    “So many memories come to me, so many sacrifices… We hadn't achieved it and it was in the third final. fight,” Stuani has insisted over and over again. “Yes, of course that penalty was very difficult, but I was very clear about where I was going to take it,” the Uruguayan striker specified. “I have to dedicate it to my family.”


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