Michelle Williams went secretly married, being pregnant

Мишель Уильямс вышла тайно замуж, будучи беременной

Famous Hollywood actress Michelle Williams is married to Director Kyle Thomas. Celebrity couple staged the private ceremony in the circle of close relatives.

It is known that the lovers noticed the paparazzi. Williams and Kyle was showing off for the cameras with the rings that testified about their secret wedding. When it was a solemn event, yet unknown.

States that did offer Thomas Kyle immediately after he learned about the pregnancy of his beloved. For him, this child will be born first, whereas Michelle already has a daughter from a legendary dead actor Heath Ledger.

It is noted that after the death of Oscar-winning actor Williams did not dare to have other relationships. Only after 10 years of solitude she had an affair with the composer Phil Elverum. However, their marriage was not long: in 2019, the couple divorced.

With Director Thomas Kyle and Michelle met on the set. They worked together on the show Fosse/Verdon, who was nominated for “Emmy” and “Golden globe”. Sympathy rapidly grew into love, because celebrities have chosen to live in the same house. Michelle and Thomas will not comment on personal life to the press, but insiders of their close associates claim that finally Michelle Williams happy.

“They are very happy and thrilled that soon there will be a child,” said the insider.

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