Michigan Medical Students Walk Out of Ceremony to Protest Anti-Abortion Professor


Michigan medical students walk out of ceremony to protest anti-abortion professor

A month after the Court The Supreme Court ended the protection of the right to abortion in the United States, the social fracture that caused the ruling is still present in all spheres of society. at Demonstrations in the streets and declarations by politicians have been joined in recent hours by the gesture of protest of a promotion of Medicine that has risen up against the speech of one of her anti-abortion professors.

It has happened at the University of Michigan, where hundreds of students have abandoned their act of welcoming the profession, the so-called “White coat ceremony“, as a sign of opposition to the fact that the main intervention of the gala was carried out by Dr. Kristin Collier, a professor at the faculty who had made comments public openly “pro-life”.

Great repercussion

In the images spread on social networksthe students, dressed in their immaculate white coats, can be seen leaving the room just as Dr. Collier was about to speak. In a few hours, the video has become a viral phenomenon and has received more than 100,000 retweets and 800,000 likes.

The numerous reactions to the tweet show the latent division of opinion in the United States. Some of them have applauded the action: “As a retired doctor, I salute and congratulate each one of you who followed your conscience and stood up and left. Use this platform to express your respect for the autonomy of the community.” The doctor is a first step in fulfilling her commitment”, defended user Tia Will (@medwoman1).

Among the different responses, there are also several tweets in defense of the teacher, who for the time being has limited herself to asking for respect for her students after it became known that some of them They have been attacked after the act.

Yemisi Adejumo (@YemisiAdejumoMD), Collier's former pupil, has explained that, although she does not share his ideological position, “Collie's personal beliefs never emerged during the courses” he taught: “I learned a lot of her without religious overtones. She is a great doctor and a great teacher,” she defended.

A previous statement anticipated the sit-in

According to the local media, the collective action was brewing. It had been going on for days. Before the event, more than 300 students signed a requestto prevent the teacher from giving the speech at the ceremony. Through a statement open to the public, the students made their position clear.

“This is not just a personal disagreement; Through our petition, we stand in solidarity against groups that are trying to end human rights and restrict medical care,” the students stated in the letter.< /p>

Furthermore, they explained that it was time to take a stand in the face of recent events. “Medicine is inherently political insofar as the health of current and future patients is affected. dictated and shaped by social and political forces”, pointed out one of the anonymous reflections included in the statement.

“It is simply irrational for Dr. Collier to speak at a ceremony in which incoming students promise to defend the autonomy of patients when she herself devalues ​​such a moral principle”, they sentenced at the time .


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