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A door or a pyramid on Mars, a face emerging on the Sun or even the shape of a bird, a horse or an eye in a nebula, space is overflowing optical illusions! Small anthology of these cosmic curiosities.

These breathtaking optical illusions seen from space Space mission

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Mickey Mouse on Mercury

What does Walt's famous mouse do? Disney at the surface of Mercury ? This photograph taken by the Messenger probe sent by NASA to study the planet closest to the Sun dates back to 2000. 2012. This is a group of three craters forming the familiar silhouette of the famous character Mickey to the south of the United States. star. Devoid of an atmosphere to protect it from meteorites and without plate tectonics, Mercury is particularly marked by craters, scars from the numerous impacts it has suffered. suffered.
© NASA/Cover Images/SIPA (published on 05/22/2023) Pause Mickey Mouse The face on Mars Martian teddy bear Celestial witch Martian door The hand of God Elephant drawing The eye of the 'Universe Smiley on Mars Martian Brain

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