Microsoft presents a social network that will be integrated into Teams


Microsoft presents a social network that will be integrated into Teams

Viva Engage's interface is reminiscent of Facebook.

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled Viva Engage, a small social network rather similar to Facebook, which will be integrated into its communication software, Microsoft Teams.

Already a popular tool for its usefulness in times of pandemic and teleworking, Teams makes it possible to group users into work teams in order to allow sharing information, documents and especially conference calls.

The connection between members of the same team can be pushed even further while Viva Engage will offer the possibility of publishing photos and small texts on its profile. These publications can then be commented on by the other members of the team.

Short videos in stories format as can be found on Snapchat and Instagram will also part of the publication possibilities.

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Viva Engage's operation, as well as its interface, is very reminiscent of that of Facebook.

Microsoft also describes its new network as a platform where it becomes easy to create links and relationships between work colleagues through the same objective as that of Facebook, but on a smaller scale.

Still with the aim of facilitating telework, Microsoft has also announced that it will eventually be possible to edit Excel workbooks in groups during conferences Teams using Excel Live.

Viva Engage and Excel Live are expected to be officially added to Microsoft Teams in August 2022.


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