Migration crisis: Joe Biden's approach criticized from all sides

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Migration crisis: Joe Biden’s approach criticized from all sides

President Joe Biden is trying to show firmness and humanity, while urging patience.

'Don't come to the border' without first initiating a legal process: Joe Biden tried Thursday to send a message combining firmness and humanity in the face of the record arrivals of migrants at the border with Mexico, a politically perilous subject for the American president.

His announcements have been criticized as much by the right, which regularly accuses him of laxity on the subject, as by human rights associations, who accuse him of attacking the right to ;asylum.

The Democrat promised to fix a broken immigration system, in a speech at the White House, while acknowledging that this difficult problem would not be solved overnight.

Joe Biden will travel on Sunday, for the first time after two years in office, to the southern border of the United States, more precisely to El Paso, Texas.

He will then go to Mexico City, and has already made it known that strengthening the border will be at the heart of his discussions with his Mexican counterpart Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has sometimes very fresh relations with his big neighbor.

The president has blasted extreme Republicans, accusing them of grandstanding over the migration crisis and accusing them of blocking his funding requests to deal with the issue.

“We can secure our border and fix immigration policy to be orderly, safe and humane; we can do all of this without extinguishing the flame of freedom that has brought generations of immigrants to America. »

— Joe Biden, President of the United States

However, his administration has announced new consequences for migrants who cross the border illegally: The United States will have more often resort to immediate expulsions, accompanied by a ban on new entry into the territory for five years.

More than 230,000 arrests were still recorded in November at the border southern United States, a record high.

Migrants watched by members of the National Guard await the arrival of border agents in Eagle Pass, Texas, after crossing the Rio Great for entering the United States.

The United States will create 30,000 additional residence permits per month for migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela, the countries currently supplying the largest flows of illegal immigrants.

< p class="e-p">But nationals of these countries may, if they do not take this legal route, be turned back as soon as they attempt to cross the border illegally. Although it is difficult to send them back to their respective countries, due to political or security conditions, Mexico has committed to accepting 30,000 per month.

The United States also wants to restrict eligibility for asylum by establishing a rule that individuals who have not made a proper application with the United States, or in another country crossed, will be excluded from it except exception.

President Biden rightly said today that asylum is a legal right and he spoke with compassion for people fleeing persecution. But the program he announced puts his administration in line with Trump's anti-immigrant policies, denounced the ACLU, a powerful civil rights group.

In contrast, the right-wing AFL criticized the president for promising mass amnesty to 30,000 illegal aliens each month, which it says is a gross violation of law.

Large swaths of the U.S. economy, especially in agriculture, depend on immigrant labor.

Migrants, Concerned About escape poverty or violence in their country of origin, often take enormous risks to enter American soil.

A U.S. border agent tries to stop migrants from entering an encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande, Texas.

More than 800 people died during the the past fiscal year, largely drowned in the Rio Grande River, according to a border guard official quoted by NPR radio.

These flows are also putting pressure on border communities , whose infrastructure struggles to accommodate these migrants in decent conditions.

For the moment, the Biden administration has mainly relied on a measure put put in place by his Republican predecessor Donald Trump during the pandemic, which allows for the immediate return of any illegal alien intercepted at the border, including potential asylum seekers.

This measure , dubbed Title 42, is the subject of intense judicial guerrilla warfare, the epilogue of which will be known. u in June to the United States Supreme Court.

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