Migrations – These Algerian “harraga” who dream of Europe

Clandestine crossings of young migrants between Algeria and Spain are increasing, at their own risk. Reportage.

Migrations – These “ harraga ” Algerians who dream d’Europe

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On the pebble beach licked by the calm undertow of an autumn morning lie a once white T-shirt bearing the Barça football club logo, a purple trainer, a counterfeit satchel, a faux suede jacket worn with salt, a sweatpants, black sachets that were supposed to protect a meager pittance, pancakes and biscuits prepared by a distressed and definitely grieving mother. A young man zooms in with his phone on the personal belongings washed up by the waves. Whenever information reaches him from Algerian families who are alarmed at not receiving news of their relatives who have left the beaches of Algeria for Andalusia, Francisco José Clemente Martin, member of the International Center for the Identification of Missing Migrants (Cipim


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