Mika Aaltola: Russia's back may be broken


The head of the Foreign Policy Institute estimates on Twitter that Europe can withstand Russia better in the energy weapon war of attrition.

Mika Aaltola: Russia's back may be broken

Mika Aaltola analyzes Russia's way of controlling Europe with energy. Henri Kärkkä[email protected] at 8:57

Mika Aaltola: Russia's back may be broken

Russia is now trying to starve the Europeans with its energy weapon, but Europe can withstand Russia more easily when winter comes, says Mika Aaltola, director of the Foreign Policy Institute.

– Russia's message to the West: Winter is pending. Russia is capable of causing chilling consequences with its energy weapon. The basic idea is that our democracies are very soft and the pressure is to persuade Europeans who grew up in cotton to demand an end to the war at any cost, Aaltola writes on Twitter on Saturday morning.

According to Aaltola, Russia downplays its own economic difficulties. According to Aaltola, sovereign Russia is more monolithic, i.e. more unified, and difficulties do not arise. However, the sanctions imposed by the West bite into Russians' everyday life and the country's economy more heavily than they hit us at the gas pump, Aaltola estimates.

– The wider conflict has turned into a game of hunger. However, the West will endure next winter easier than Russia. Russia needs a functioning economic base to wage its war. Its spine may break.

According to Aaltola, it is worth preparing for internal political pressures in Europe caused by energy scarcity and growing disagreements between countries.

– But they are difficult. The West is not as “soft” as Russia assumes.

According to Aaltola, Russia is trying to increase the softness of the West by waging a “dirty war” on Europe. He estimates that the flood of disinformation will continue and considers special operations possible, such as assassinations and the sponsorship of terrorist acts.

According to Aaltola, the war in Russia includes a systematic but covert campaign of violence, the target of which is anyone perceived as the opposition. The purpose is to use fear to create “ideal” citizens who accept and endure war.

– In Finland, it is worth keeping a cool head and understanding the stakes of war and conflict, especially from the point of view of Russia's neighbors. I am not worried about the Finns' strategic determination. The eye remains on the ball. And we will not succumb to the logic of a weak link, Aaltola tweets.

Finns will soon be given saving tips in case of an energy crisis – such advice could be on 30.7. 7:01Rosatom transfers money to Turkey – the 20 billion nuclear power project is scheduled to be completed on 202630.7. 2:44 Media: Ukraine has taken over a Russian grain ship – this is known about the war after the night of July 30. 7:31 Mika Aaltola's tough view: Russia no longer fully controls escalation 7/23/2022 1:59 PM


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