Mike Pence Accuses Donald Trump Of 'Endangering' Him During Capitol Storming

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Mike Pence accuses Donald Trump of “endangering” him during the assault on the Capitol

Former US Vice President Mike Pence had to go into hiding to escape rioters during the storming of the Capitol.< /p>

Donald Trump's former Vice President Mike Pence has accused former White House tenant Donald Trump of putting his life and the lives of his family at risk with his January 6 speech. 2021, the day the Capitol was stormed, according to an excerpt from a television interview broadcast on Sunday.

The President's words that day during the rally put my life, that of my family and everyone in the Capitol building in danger, Mr. Pence blasted on the American network ABC, referring to the rally of Donald Trump which preceded the attack of the seat of Congress by his supporters.

Mike Pence, who was on Capitol Hill overseeing the certification of the 2020 election results, had to hide from rioters, like many parliamentarians.

Donald Trump had long refused to call on his supporters to leave the building on January 6 and even reproached his vice-president in a tweet for not having had the courage to do what should have been done be done, blocking certification according to him, fueling protesters' grievances.

β€œIt made me angry [. ..] The president's words were irresponsible and his actions were irresponsible. ”

β€” Mike Pence, former vice president of Donald Trump

A potential candidate for the next presidential election, Mr. Pence will publish his memoirs on Tuesday, in which he recounts among other things pressure to overturn the 2020 presidential results on the same day Donald Trump could announce his 2024 candidacy.

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