Mike: the series on boxer Mike Tyson offers a punchy trailer


Boxing legend Mike Tyson has his life retold in a new biographical series for Hulu: Mike.

As Prizefighter, the historic boxing film starring Russell Crowe, is released this July 22 in the United States and Sylvester Stallone fights for the rights of Rocky, the noble art continues to stir up passions. The films dedicated to it are numerous and among them, many cinema classics (one can easily cite Ali by Michael Mann, or Raging Bullby Martin Scorsese). The staging lends itself to representing the fiery fights on the big screen and portrays the athletes who devote themselves body and soul to the practice of boxing. Great careers inspire and Muhammad Ali like Rocky Graziano have thus forged some furious and memorable identities of the seventh art.

Thus, among these legends, difficult to do not quote Mike Tyson. One of the greatest boxers in history has also played in some films and series. He had yet to see his eventful life brought to the screen, however. But it will soon be done with the mini-series, Mike, of which here is the first trailer.

While the series was written and filmed without Mike Tyson's permission, Steven Rogers, its creator, claimed that it would be a one-shot with the ambition to take an uncompromising and authentic look at the exciting career and life of the boxer, on a fresco of America. The athlete will be played by Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight) who seems to give a very convincing performance here, accompanied by other talented actors such as Harvey Keitel and Russell Hornsby.

This mini-series will only last 8 episodes to tell Mike Tyson's rise and fall (and rise again), and will be released on Hulu on August 25th. In France, we do not yet know where the series will potentially be broadcast.


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