Mikołaj Roznerski made his fans a special surprise. The actor showed “true love”


Mikołaj Roznerski showed “true love”!

Mikołaj Roznerski gave his fans a special surprise. The actor showed & quot; true love & quot;

According to the portal “Pomponik”, Mikołaj Roznerski nieszczeg & oacute; l is happy to share the details of his private life with his admirers. Every once in a while, however, he makes an exception. So it was this time. The actor posted a unique photo on the web. Get to know the details!

Mikołaj Roznerski boasted a unique photo

Mikołaj Roznerski's fans recently had the opportunity to see a unique photo on his social media. The actor wrote them with the words “This Is Love”. In the photo we can see an important woman in the actor's life – his mother Dorota. The woman in the photo is accompanied by an exceptionally cute Alpaca.

Although today Mikołaj Roznerski's relationship with his mother is good, in the past it was different. When the actor was only 13 years old, his parents split up. Mikołaj Roznerski grew up with his father. He had a hard time breaking up with his parents, which had an impact on his psyche. Over the years, he struggled with eating problems.

Now the relationship of Mikołaj Roznerski and his mother is much better, and what happened in the past has ceased to matter so much.

Turbulence in private life

Mikołaj Roznerski was associated with Marta Juras for some time, with whom he had a son in 2011. Though their relationship did not survive the test of time, they managed to remain on friendly terms. In one interview, he emphasized that he was trying to prevent his son from being punished for his mistakes. “I am not a weekend dad” – he emphasized.

Mikołaj Roznerski was associated with actress Adriana Kalska for over three years. Unfortunately, this relationship ended with a breakup, which Kalska officially confirmed at the beginning of this year. Although they have parted ways privately, they will still remain professionally linked.

As you like it” czworon & oacute; g “captured in the photo by Mikołaj Roznerski?


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