Military plane crashed in Russia

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Military plane crashed in Russia

A Russian Su-24M bomber crashed into Rostov region near the border with Ukraine.

In the Rostov region of the Russian Federation on Sunday, October 9, a Su-24M military aircraft crashed, according to Russian media.

It is noted that a military aircraft crashed near the farm of Sibirka. Previously, the aircraft was intended for training flights and had no weapons. The pilots managed to eject.

Presumably, the emergency occurred due to the long service life of the aircraft, due to outdated characteristics and capacities, it did not fly to the airfield.

The details of the incident are being investigated.

Recall that a Su-25 attack aircraft crashed during takeoff in the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation a month ago.

The day before, it was reported that a Russian military plane had crashed in Crimea, on the border of the Raznodelnensky and Krasnoperekopsky districts. Then it was also claimed that it could be a Su-34 fighter.

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