Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) ready to join a big franchise?


Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) ready to join a big franchise?

Millie Bobby Brown is very prominent at the moment. The young actress could, according to some rumors, join a mythical franchise. We tell you more.

Millie Bobby Brown is the center of attention right now. It must be said that the return ofStranger Things for its fourth season on Netflix is ​​an event in itself. The young actress resumes her role of Eleven and her fight against the occupants of the Upside-Down. The actress has already been seen in various roles and remains highly sought after for new projects. Whether for series or films, Millie Bobby Brown has become a safe bet for productions. We had seen it in particular on the poster of two films of the franchise Godzilla. She also performed the title role in Enola Holmes on Netflix. The sequel is coming very soon.

Millie Bobby Brown could, according to new rumors, also join a legendary franchise. Indeed, according to information revealed by The Mirror, the English actress has already engaged in informal discussions on this subject. Millie Bobby Brown and her manager Robert (who is also her father) would have met Kathleen Kennedy, the director of Lucasfilm. Maybe she could join the Star Wars universe for a major role. However, nothing is official on one side or the other. We know, however, that Millie Bobby Brown has not hidden his interest in coming to bring his stone to the building of the saga. She admits, however, that she has not seen Star Wars.

Millie Bobby Brown has all the qualities to play a key character in the Star Wars saga!

Millie Bobby Brown announced at a convention in 2017 that she was a fan of Carrie Fisher. “I love Carrie Fisher and it would be great to carry on her legacy”, revealed the interpreter of Eleven. It must be said that the spin-off projects ofStar Wars are not lacking. Whether in the cinema or for Disney+, the prospects are numerous. The castings are far from being all stopped. Mille Bobby Brown could thus, quite easily, find the shoe to his feet in this universe. We will have to wait a little longer before knowing if these discussions could lead to anything. In any case, we already have a lot to do: wait for the finale of season 4 of Stranger Things. Let's hope the force is with Millie Bobby Brown, she has plenty of skills to become a new figure in the Star Wars saga!