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Millions of motorists will soon be deprived of the left lane, beware of a fine if you drive in it

Traffic rules will soon be changed on many major roads and it will be better to respect them to avoid receiving a large fine.

Millions of motorists will soon have to change their little driving habits. A major event planned for this summer in France will indeed impose new regulations on the road. If you don't know it yet, the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, organized largely in and around Paris, have encouraged people to participate in the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. the authorities & make traffic changes on many major roads. In addition to the closure of certain sectors in the capital since May (Place de la Concorde, Pont Alexandre-III, Avenue Galliéni), several portions of highways as well as the boulevard p&eacute The ring road and the circular boulevard at La Défense will be impacted by the planned sporting event. shut up.

In all, no less than 185 kilometers of roads around Paris will soon be reserved exclusively for the public. the movement of vehicles to transport athletes, official delegations and journalists as well as taxis, emergency vehicles, ambulances and transport in common. On these major roads, the left lane will therefore be prohibited à all ordinary motorists. If you often travel on the A1, A4, A12 or A13 motorways, or on the Paris ring road, from Porte de Vanves to Paris the Porte de Bercy in both directions passing through the north, you have undoubtedly noticed; recently new road signs – &agrav; using signs or floor markings – to signify that you are riding on future Olympic routes.

Millions of motorists will soon be deprived of the left lane, beware of a fine if you drive in it


These signaling elements will be visible, if they are not already, from July 1 to September 15, 2024. For To be understood by everyone, they include either the Olympic logo or the words "Paris 2024". But that's only''s only' From July 15, the ban on the general public using these routes will be effective. And if you think you can slip incognito into the left lane to save time, know that many speed cameras have been disabled. implanted to effect controls. All vehicle registration plates authorized to be used to ride on the Olympic routes wereé saved to a file. If this is not the case, the risk of being caught by the patrol will be great if you try to circumvent the rule.

And the bill will be particularly salty. The driver traveling on an Olympic lane without authorization will be penalized. with a fine of 135 euros and liable to legal proceedings. For anyone hoping for a return to life normal for the start of the school year, it could well be that they become disillusioned at the end of the year. the end of summer. Indeed, the Olympic routes will make way for à carpool lanes once the Olympics are over. It will then be prohibited to drive in the left lane of many major roads while alone in your car. The new radars, capable of controlling the number of passengers in each vehicle, will not let anything pass.

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