Minecraft pays tribute to Technoblade, who died of cancer


Minecraft pays homage to Technoblade, died of cancer

The pig's crown is what the Technoblade character wore.< /p>

After the death of Technoblade, followed by millions of people on YouTube for its Minecraft videos, the Mojang studio, creator of the game, pays tribute to him in the Java version game splash image.

When you open the famous game, the pig that appears on the right now wears a golden crown. This is a callback to the character Technoblade used in Minecraft: a pig man with a jeweled crown.

Last Friday , the sandbox video game team wrote on Twitter that it was hard to find the words, but they were heartbroken over the loss of Technoblade. He meant so much to our community and brought so much joy. He will be greatly missed.

The Minecraft Teamhas yet to officially announce this change to its splash image and it is unclear if the image will be included there permanently.

Technoblade on a bed giving the camera a thumbs up. Technoblade created playful videos in the Minecraft game universe. He was followed by millions of people.

Technoblade, 23, had 13.5 million subscribers on YouTube. His father announced his death last Thursday in a video that had been viewed more than 57 million times by Tuesday morning. He read a text written by the youtubeur who reveals that his real first name was Alex.

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The video has generated over a million comments and many people in the Minecraft community have paid tribute to it.

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