Minimum wage will increase to $15.25 per hour in Quebec

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The minimum wage will increase to $15.25 per hour in Quebec

The minimum wage payable to employees who receive tips will increase to $12.20 per hour.

The minimum wage in Quebec will increase by one dollar starting May 1, increasing to $15.25 per hour, Labor Minister Jean Boulet announced on Wednesday.

This increase in the minimum wage will benefit 298,900 employees, including 164,100 women, he said.

A higher increase could have led to layoffs in companies, suggested the Minister, but there is no precise analysis of the job losses it could have caused, he added. the largest percentage increase in the minimum wage since 1995, Boulet said.

The increase is therefore equivalent to $40 gross per week for an employee who works their 40 hours per week. Ultimately, the purchasing power of minimum wage workers will increase by 4.26%, the Minister of Labor said.

Is this sufficient in the current inflationary environment? We are extremely sensitive to the situation of people who have a lower income […]. I think it's a responsible, balanced gesture, replied Mr. Boulet.

Many groups are asking for an hourly rate of $18, but the Minister ruled out this option because, in his view, it would harm the competitiveness of Quebec businesses.

It will never be perfect, but you have to do [the increases] gradually so as not to have consequences that can be negative.

The calculation of the annual increase is based on several factors, but the new hourly rate of the minimum wage must mainly correspond to half of the average annual salary.

This ratio is the #x27;most crucial objective element, the minister said, suggesting that it is still relevant despite the ever-increasing cost of living.

The Minimum 18 coalition $ was quick to react in a press release deploring the insufficiency of the increase granted.

According to this group, which includes all the major Quebec unions, this increase is disconnected from reality and is perceived as a form of contempt for the reality of workers.

The Canadian Federation of x27;independent enterprise (CFIB) supports the government, but points out that Quebec companies are seeing their costs explode.

CFIB Quebec Vice-President, Fran├žois Vincent, has defended the coalition's proposal for a minimum wage of $18 an hour.

Jean Boulet is definitely taking a more pragmatic approach than a drastic increase (sic) that& #x27;would have been the $18 one.

Mr. Boulet also said the minimum wage paid to tipped employees would be $12.20 per hour, an increase of $0.80.

For those who are assigned exclusively to picking raspberries or strawberries, the minimum wage would be $4.53 (+$0.30) and $1.21 (+$0.08) per kilogram, respectively.

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